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Downloading Kiltdown

Kiltdown is beta software.

This program has proven itself stable over the last few months, but if you're particularly nervous about stability, or need a client to manage email accounts vital to your conuntry's national security, I'm going to have to recommend against using Kiltdown just yet. However, I haven't had a crash in quite a while, so I'd love to see other people using it and suggesting improvements, etc.

I have finally given the program a configure script, which means that, as long as it can find Qt 2.3.0 and DB 3.1.17/3.2.9, you should be just fine. I have included config files for Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. If you are running on some other system, and either come up with a config file, or need help coming up with one, please do send me email at and we'll get it included in the distribution. If you absolutely insist on using a different version of Qt, all you have to do is change 230 to whatever in the configure script.

To Build Kiltdown, you first need the following two packages:

Please read the INSTALL file first! If you're not sure of what you're doing, I would not recommend trying to build this program.

Here is the source for 0.8.045 of Kiltdown.

Here is a statically linked binary for Linux

Here is a statically linkedFreeBSD 4.x binary. I'm using 4.1, but I imagine it will work fine on most 4.x versions.

Here is a Solaris 8/Intel statically linked binary.

For the binaries, the best thing to do is unpack them and then just copy them to somewhere in your path -- /usr/local/bin is always a good place.