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  • 2001-7-4:     A Question for Kiltdown Users

    I am considering changing the way messages in Kiltdown are saved to disk. This would result in Kiltdown being much faster, better able to support IMAP4r1, and also clean up a lot of really nasty code.

    Unfortunately, this would mean that new versions of kiltdown would not recognize existing message stores at all.

    So, the question is to Kiltdown users is:

     -  How big of a problem is this for you? How many of you are using Kiltdown for important day-to-day mail and would suffer serious inconvenience as a result of this?

    I promise that after 0.9, there will be NO more changes, but I really would prefer to make this one now.

    Thoughts appreciated.

  • 2001-6-28:     Back from Vacation!

    We're back from summer vacation in Europe, and I'll be able to get more work done on Kiltdown now again. However, we're moving over the next six weeks, so it's still going to be a bit spotty. I'll keep posting updates as I get stuff done. I had a mail spool with 15000+ messages in it waiting for me when I returned, so I'll see how well we do with that!

  • 2001-5-14:     Version 0.8.045 has been uploaded !!!
    I have just uploaded 0.8.045 to the servers. It does not contain the network rewrite that I'm working on, because that code base is a total mess right now. However, it does contain the ability to compact folders (File/Folder/Compact All) which often helps with performance if you've been downloading a few thousand messages here and there. Also added are some context menus, crashing bug fixes, and other little UI improvements.

    There is no FreeBSD binary for this release just yet because my FreeBSD system is a total mess (re-installing it completely). I am also trying to get this program working on OpenBSD, and running into issues with the threading and Qt on that platform -- If you are an OpenBSD user and have some expertise with this stuff, as well as some time to spare, I'd love some insight into the matter.

    Downloads page has the latest drops, and hopefully we'll see a major new drop soon!

  • 2001-4-24:     Version 0.8.041 uploaded
    0.8.041 has been uploaded to the servers. There's more UI stuff that has been fixed up in this release, and I've added support for adding addresses directly to the address book from the message viewer.

    I've also added support for linking against the KDE 2.x headers and librarires for people on those systems. It doesn't change much, except that it lets Kiltdown participate in KDE2 styles, which add quite a lot of the aesthetics of the application. In keeping with my original goal of not being too specific to KDE OR Gnome, I won't be doing too much else along these lines, I hope.

    Next up is yet another rework of the network and downloading code. There are a few things that I just don't like about it very much, and I'm going to add IMAP4 support as soon as I can.

    As usual, check out the downloads page for more details.

  • 2001-4-02:     New Release Uploaded!
    I've uploaded 0.8.017 to the servers. There's just a lot of UI improvements in this release. I'm still working on spool file support and hope to have it in soon, but I seem to be fixated in updating and improving a lot of the UI in the program. Hopefully it'll improve considerably over time. As usual, check out the downloads page for more details.

  • 2001-3-27:     Update
    I've been doing some contract development work of late, so progress on Kiltdown has slowed slightly, but has not, at all, stopped -- I've done a lot of infrastructure changes, including rewriting the New Account Wizard and Account Properties dialogs to have better localization support (and actually work properly) now. I am in the process of adding support for mbox mail spool files and will add a drop when that's online.