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Here are some screenshots of the program so far. I have generated them on various different systems, including RedHat Linux 6.2 running KDE 1.1.2, SuSE 7.0 running KDE 2.0.1, and Solaris 8/Intel running that wacky CDE stuff. I'll try to get some Gnome snapshots in the near future as well.


This is a picture of the main window. As you can see, both the preview pane and multiple account support are now both enabled. I am currently managing five accounts on one machine with the program.


This is a picture of a message being sent out, showing (in addition to lousy icons so far), that you can add attachments. Currently, the editing format is only plain text.


This is a picture of a message I've received. Almost all of the keyboard accelerators, toolbar buttons, and menus are now enabled.


And this is the Kiltdown Address Book, for managing contacts and email addresses.


This is the new account wizard, which is how accounts are added to the system. An accounts properties dialog will be coming soon.

This dialog is used to create new accounts and manage existing accounts.

This dialog manages the properties for a given account.

Here is Kiltdown running under Solaris 8/Intel